Established in 1993 to focus on small and medium-sized entities, our firm specialises in accounting, auditing and tax planning for owner-managed types of business.

About Us

The majority of our clients are private and family businesses, professional service firms and high net worth individuals. However, we regularly provide services to non-profit organisations too.

A business advisory service has been added to our portfolio recently. This valuable addition helps entities to adapt faster, see further and grow through time-saving and cost-effective business practices.

By taking a genuine interest in our clients, we go all-out to understand their needs and meet, or preferably exceed, their expectations. In short, we’ re the relationship that clients can count on. To this end, we appreciate feedback on our clients’ service experience and suggestions to make meaningful adjustments. Even as we continually expand our services and update our technology, the confidentiality of our clients’ financial affairs is fundamental to our business practices.

Finally, because our staff is pivotal to our work, we foster an encouraging and pleasant working environment, based on transparent communication and mutual respect.

Association Gives Us The Edge

The BGR Association enables a number of small and medium-sized Boland auditing firms to share best practices and training by consolidating their knowledge and capacity to perform more audits. In operation since 2004, the BGR brand has established itself to convey quality, experience and knowledge of the highest standard at an affordable price.

Over the years the BGR associate offices’ service areas have expanded from primary audit services to a full suite of business solutions. The combined customer base extends nationwide and covers all industries and sectors. It is BGR’s focus to ensure specialist knowledge in each service area to address each client’s unique needs. 

We Lend A Hand Socially​

As an integral part of the Helderberg community, we’ re involved in various projects to make a perceptible difference in people’s lives. Past projects have included school fee donations to a local school for financially disadvantaged children; sponsorship of prizes and special fundraising days at local schools; pro bono auditing and special tariffs and assistance to welfare organisations. We’ re privileged to make these contributions and will continue doing so.