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  • Your Tax Deadlines for November

    Non-provisional taxpayers using eFiling or electronically submitting from a SARS office need to file their 2016/2017 Income Tax Returns on or by 24 November.

    Secondly, tax compliance levels are slipping and SARS is planning to aggressively counteract this, noting that a substantial number of taxpayers have not submitted their tax returns on time and/or have not settled tax debt due to SARS. This trend, it says, applies not just to this year but to prior years.

    Tax returns in question are:

    • Income Tax
    • Value Added Tax
    • Pay as You Earn Tax
    • Corporate Income Tax

    Be warned that it is a criminal offence not to submit a return on time.  Failure to file returns on time therefore not only gives SARS the right to levy penalties for every month overdue but also at the same time to institute criminal prosecution.

    This should not leave any doubt in taxpayers’ minds as to the risks of non-compliance so ask us for advice now if you have any doubt about being fully compliant.